pratahkalNewsAccording to Dr. Mallika Sarabhai the mean mentality and taboos like dowry are the major reason behind female infanticide and low social status of women. She was  addressing as a chief speaker in program “Aao Bat Karain” by Merijanmbhum at Village Shishoda, Rajsmand.

While speaking about women empowerment she asked audience to take pledge for not taking nor giving dowry, active participation in stopping female infanticide and adopting family planing.

She admired local craft man Mr.Jamna Lal Kumhar for his craft called “Mollela Art” and ask people to support the local art and craft which need support and conservation.

Mr. W.David Kubiak, Dr. Kusum Meghwal, Ashok Jain Manthan, Mahendra Paliwal, and other renowned personalities form village were present at the



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