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Microporcessor based Liquid Oil (Lubricant) Flow Sensor and Controling Device

Principle the device has been designed to fulfill the need of the Stone Crushers Machine. The Newly designed Machine have the accurate results in the most diverse conditions.

Microprocessor based lubrication flow and Inductive load sensing and controlling devices for various industrial uses.

“Necessity is the mother of all Inventions.” National growth and development is directly related to the resource development and management. Industrial revolution is the major contributor to the national progress and prosperity. New technologies and innovations are to be used as stimulating elements in the Industrial growth. Presently, we see many Industries and machineries around us to fulfill our basic needs. Almost every industry is using sort of machinery for its production purposes.

Along with force required the sizes and other specification of the machine vary. Almost every machine used in crushing, grinding, milling and other types of work produces heavy mechanical force and to achieve this force there are several parts used, which moves along with the edges of each other resulting in a lot of frictional forces. As much the load on machine increases the frictional forces also increases, along with it. Presently to reduce this friction there are several techniques being used ie. Smoothened surfaces, Minimum contact area, lubrication, load shifting, etc.

Our object’s First Problem is specifically targeted on lubrication related Problems. Presently a simple regular oil flow in a cyclic process is being used as bellow.

Figure 1.1 Block Diagram of Cyclic lubricant flow technique.

1. Machine Chamber – where ever a regular flow of lubricant is required that whole assembly is generally covered in a closed chamber like engines. Some times all the parts are immersed in the lubricant while some time such design is not feasible due to so several technical limitation.

2. Lubricant Reservoir- An external tank is used as a lubricant reservoir.

3. Supply System – a supply system is used to supply this lubricant to the machine chamber. Maximum time it is seen that the lubricant is generally recycled to the reservoir for reuse of the lubricant for optimum exploitation.

The Problem : Here the main problem arises. due to several factors i.e. dust, rusty environmental conditions, lubricant’s quality, human handling problems, and the particle dust of the Material, temperature, evaporation, electrical failure, mechanical pumping unit failure, the supply system gets chocked or blocked and eventually fails the whole lubrication system.

More than 80% Machines being used are equipped with this lubrication system, where lubrication is a must.