Operational Head & Owner

EN_SirProfessional Skills

  • Strategic Consulting including business plan, technology advancement & sales strategy development.
  • Brand development, website traffic growth, website UI, business concept & advertising revenue planning. Developed brand strategy and statistics systems.
  • Advising new businesses on formation of corporations and business structures, drafting privacy policies and structuring commercial transactions.
  • Comprehensive database management SQL, MySQL and Oracle.
  • Innovative approach to fulfil the technical requirement of SMEs and big corporate business at any level.


  • Strategic planner, producer and developer of Merijanmbhumi  bridging rural/urban India
  • Co-designed & developed the concept of Public Money Tracking System as MOST- Mewaris for Official Satya and Transparency and Udaipur Shakti Sundays
  • Designed and developed the model and strategic plan for Implementation of CBS at Rajsamand Co-operative Bank Ltd.
  • Designed, developed and implemented Roving Eye a first-of-its-kind project in India to empower the central police inspector’s office with remote viewing of live happenings at all the different police stations located in Udaipur.
  • Designed and developed Microcontroller based lubricant sensing and control device – Innovative combined hardware/software solution to extend the longevity and performance of stone crushing plants and other heavy machineries.
  • Team Leader to Core Team of Concept Development for Community portals and


Roving EYE first of its kind project in INDIA
Rajasthan Police (2006)

A project to facilitate the office of the then Superintendent of Police (Mr. Dinesh M.N.) to view the current happening of the differently located all police stations at their office to maintain the transparency and enhance the level of faith and responsibility in policing. Attracted the attention of national and international media

Microcontroller Based Lubrication Sensing and Controller Device
Being screened by E-Class Scientist and recognized by DSIR, Govt. Of INDIA (2009)

To address the very common problem of heating up and jam in big wheals due to irregular supply of liquid lubricant in huge machinery being used in verity of plant and machinery at several industries, paliwal has designed and developed a combo solution of Hardware and Software which was screened by E-Class Scientist and recognized by DSIR, Govt. Of INDIA.

  1. Mr. Ekling Nath Paliwal with E-Class Scientist Mr. A.S. Rao Govt. Of India
  2. Receiving Certificate for Innovation of Microcontroller based Lubrication sensing and controlling device at IIT, Mumbai  Maharastra
  3. Demonstration of Roving EYE to the then Home Minister Mr. Gulab Chand Kataria
  4. With the then Chief Minister of Rajasthan Mr. Ashok Gahlot and Panchayati Raj Minister Mr. C.P. Joshi in Inaugural ceremony of Core-Banking at Rajsamand Cooperative Bank Ltd.

Mr. Lokesh Paliwal
Project Head & Senior Manager

Professional Skills

  • Project head in a wide variety of IT Implementation, at various business scenarios, particularly manage the client side’s infrastructure development, procurement and installation of Networking, Software and Hardware.
  • Financial Assistance, experience of all aspect of accounting, direct experience with banking, finance management.
  • Website designing & development experience in a wide variety of web applications. Area of interest is animation and designing part of various web applications.
  • Adequate experience and knowledge in technical marketing, product branding, market analysis, E-Marketing, SEO, etc.


  • Implemented LAN/WAN/MLLN along with Servers and Computer Hardware being installed for implementation of Core Banking Solution at Rajsamand Urban Cooperative Bank Ltd
  • Member of Core Team of Concept Development for Community portals and
  • Executive Director & adviser to Chinmay Bhatt Productions, a film making company

Mr. Praveen Purohit
Manager Finance & Accounts

praveensirProfessional Skills

  • Expert in various functional areas of business along with finance and directional skills.
  • Leadership and management skills in several line and corporate financial accounting.
  • Adequate experience and knowledge of cost control in production, sales, and service industries to face the challenges of globalization.


  • 12 Year’s Experience of accounts as Sr. Account Assistant at HZL, Udaipur
  • Tax Consultancy and accounting for SME’s and individuals.
  • Project accounting for various projects being undertaken by EN COMPUTERS time to time.
  • Member Implementation Team of Community portals and
  • Financial development assistance for the Roving Eye project.
  • Accounting and financial consultancy in the development of BMS- Business Management System ERP solution by EN COMPTERS.
  • Finance & Accounts Manager for Merijanmbhumi marketing & business planning

Mr. Neel Kanth Purohit
Implementation Head for Merijanmbhumi

1536710_510742522357977_856906416_nProfessional Skills

  • Expert in various programming languages, and recent technologies of communication.
  • Leadership and management skills to face the routine challenges in development, implementation phase of programs
  • Skilled in programming, logic implementation, third level testing, analysing and maintain ongoing projects.
  • Adequate experience and knowledge in database management, server technology and implementation methodology.
  • Well acquainted with regional languages and culture.


  • Networking, Server, Router Configuration and system integration for go live in implementation of Core Banking Solution at Rajsamand Urban Cooperative Bank Ltd
  • Member of Core Team of Concept Development for Community portals and
  • Assist in the project Roving Eye of its kind project in India.
  • Independent Project head of BMS- Business Management System ERP solution by EN COMPTERS.
  • Concept Developer & Implementation head of Merijanmbhumi project and cluster head for all operational activities.
  • Founder Director Udai Seva Sansthan, Koshiwara Rajsamand (Non-Profit Organization)


Implementation and Expansion of Merijanmbhumi
Grassroots level working for implementation

When we first launched in the field at Koshihara we faced real implementation challenges awakening villagers to the important opportunities afforded by this innovative new networking approach. Thanks to Neelkanth’s dedicated hard work and educational prowess we were able to motivate hundreds of rural households to participate in the project and creatively use this tool for their own socio-economic development.