Seamless Transformation: Turnkey Implementation of Core Banking Software for a Bank

Introduction: This case study outlines the successful implementation of a turnkey project aimed at transforming a bank’s operations from stand alone desktop working to a modern Core Banking Software (CBS) system. The project involved designing, supplying, and installing the required hardware for branches and data centers, as well as implementing the software and server infrastructure necessary for a comprehensive banking solution.

Client: Rajsamand Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd., Rajsthan INDIA

Demonstrating Project Roaming EYE to Honorable Home Minister Government of Rajasthan INDIA

Roaming Eye: Enhancing Policing and Public Safety through CCTV and 2-Way Communication Integration

Introduction: The Roaming Eye project aimed to revolutionize the monitoring capabilities and service delivery of the police force by installing CCTV cameras and establishing 2-way communication access between 10 different police stations and the Superintendent of Police (SP)’s office Udaipur. The project sought to enhance public safety, improve policing efficiency, and enable effective decision-making through real-time information sharing.

Client: Rajasthan Police Department, Govt of Rajasthan

Boosting Operational Efficiency: BMS ERP Software for Chemical Manufacturing Industry

The implementation of the BMS ERP software in the chemical manufacturing industry successfully addressed the specific operational challenges faced by the company. The tailor-made solution streamlined processes, ensured compliance with regulations, enhanced visibility, and enabled efficient decision-making. By leveraging technology, the company achieved improved operational efficiency, cost control, and a competitive edge in the market. The BMS ERP software served as a testament to the benefits of a customized solution in meeting industry-specific requirements.

Clients : Macson Laboratory | Chemicure Labs | Power Systems